Everlasting love
You will love travelling with bezKempu

Love and refund guaranteed

Camping with bezKempu is a matter of love. It's not a perfect sterile booking service. Here, we do not evaluate the cleanliness of the WC (because often, there is none :-) ). We perceive value and quality elsewhere - in the experience, in emotions. And no camp will offer you that feeling. It's very addictive. You will love it. And if not, we have a few guarantees for you.

Lovable guarantee of full refund

If you arrive on the site and find it impossible to use it because of false information from the landowner or problems to get onto the property (eg bad driveway), we will refund 100% of the amount paid.
(for verification, please always take a picture and send it to our e-mail)

Affectionate discount

We are all people and the nature will always bring us unexpected moments. This also belongs to the experiences that cannot be replaced in any shopping centre or by tangible goods. Still, may you not be happy with the property during your stay, just tell the landowner and us (simply describe the problem and/or take a picture). If the owner objectively recognizes this problem, we will arrange compensation for you - a discount.

Praise the landowner

Do you know that the landowner will not become a millionaire from the money he/she receives from you? It's just a small contribution that helps to maintain the property. But landowners are often happy to have their land used. On our journeys, we learn their fates, stories and, sometimes, hard life. However, they have a deep relationship to their land and they do everything from their hearts (just like we do with the whole service of BezKempu.cz). It's fair when you're not happy to ask for a refund or a discount. But it is also nice if you do not leave your satisfaction for yourself. It will warm our hearts.

Let’s love each other and build an independent community of bezKempu.

Share your experience on your as well as our Facebook and/or Instagram profiles; write blogs, etc. Help us build a community of bezKempu. We are not and don’t want to be any commercial service. Everyone involved in this project is doing it out of love. We have a free spirit and a respect for nature and the landscape. We love it. Let's get infected together, build the community and spread this idea further.

Fall in love