Our story

bezKempu – a revolutionary service allowing for unlimited travelling

Read our short story, our own journey, which has led us here. To a unique service, finally enabling us – travellers – to move around freely. What was common a few years ago, that becomes rare these days. Every place is crowded and finding even a small private retreat is next to impossible. We have found it for you.

Our dreams and reality

We’re a bunch of people, who love travelling. Independent travelling. The idea of a group trip organized by a travel agency creeps us totally out. Not to mention trying to find a private place on a crowded beach. Ew! Instead, we rather discover the beauty of our planet. Backpacking or in our favourite caravan. Yes, we made our dream come true and got us a caravan. That’s it! That will suit our free spirit.
Finally, we can go wherever we like – why to buy a cottage, when we can carry it around with us? We can set out last minute without worries about losing the pre-paid hotel accommodation because of a weather change or sick kids.
Finally, we can, like the movies and ads show, camp in the wild, with a mountain view and in the arms of our partner, wrapped up in a cosy blanket drinking delicious coffee. I love you! A perfect life full of romance. Well, any more fairy tales…

It shows that this naive „dream“ was not only ours, but also of thousands, millions of other people worldwide. Logic. The reality is often very far-fetched from our romantic idea of unlimited travelling. The increasing number of tourists, who rapidly share information via internet and social networks (often photoshopped pictures), has been a real pain in the ass. Because of that, you have no chance to peacefully enjoy a cup of coffee with your partner. There are so many tourists and caravans that “wild camping” has started being prohibited by the authorities. Not to mention that each property, every piece of land belongs to someone. We don’t sleep well, because anyone can wake us up and lock us out from the property in the middle of the night. Or we can even be fined. Having a barbecue at a concrete parking lot next to a supermarket or at a highway just doesn’t feel right. So, let’s head to the camp site…

Camping at a Czech campsite :-)

This is a completely insane idea. During high season, at the weekends or at many favourite places, we have to make reservations just like in a hotel, meaning that we also risk the loss of money. We found out that caravanning is kind of a “must-do” activity for many people and that loads of caravans arrive to the campsites. Using the showers in the camp sometimes feels like a visit to a concentration camp. Ew again. No privacy, no peace. Cheaper camps often attract groups of people longing for long and loud parties. We are tossing and turning all night and we pray for another night (or campsite) to be way different. From time to time, we discover a nice and calm place. But it’s a lottery and we don’t want to undergo the same painful process all over again. That’s why we created BezKempu.eu.

Michal, Petr, Pavel
and our partners, kids (Editka, Janička) and dogs (Bad and Ruby)

A place in the nature reserved just for you

bezKempu is a simple service. You pick a place you wish to visit and we show you lands, where you can „camp“ with the owner’s approval. Similarly to common „booking services“, you make a reservation for the desired place. You pay on-line. And you are ready to go.

No more worries about fines

for illegal wild camping without the landowner’s approval.

Sleep tight

You won’t be woken up stressed out that someone will knock on your window. Neither loud music nor noise from camps will bother you. Well, we cannot guarantee the same for the local rooster.

Discover unique places

Experience ultimate romance, lost in the wild. No more crowded camps.

Get to know locals and their habits

Perhaps, you make a couple of new friends; you may taste local produce and, thus, enjoy the real “farmers market” :-)

Save money

With bezKempu, you can save not only a lot of stress, but also a little money. Most landowners will charge you significantly less than campsites.

Časté otázky

+- Who is the service for?
For all travellers. Either in a small tent, or a huge caravan, spacious campervan. Each property has clear specifications regarding the type of possible accomodation.
+- Why should I pay for staying in the nature? It belongs to everyone, doesn’t it?
Every land belongs to someone and camping at any property without the owner’s approval is illegal. Although it might not be obvious, camping “damages” the property to some extent. After each visit, there is a risk that evident traces, such as garbage or another mess, may be left on the property by negligence or by mistake. If everyone just bought a caravan and began to camp around everywhere they liked, for free and without rules, the nature would quickly fade. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that staying even on a remote meadow is highly valuable and cannot be available to everyone for free.

A piece of land, nature, is the most prescious. Primarily, our service is not about the must to save as much money as possible. The service is designated for people, who don’t fancy staing in crowded camps. You know, you may „camp“ for free in the parking lot at Tesco or somewhere else. More or less illegally, without the awning or barbecue, and being constantly worried about getting caught. How about staying in a beautiful place almost or entirely alone instead? And what if you had the opportunity to chat with the landowner, maybe a local winemaker, who will share some of his good stuff with you? You’d definitely like that. Moreover, by paying the landowner a decent sum, you will support and motivate him/her to provide better service next time. We think, this is priceless. The majority of the properties has only a limited capacity (on purpose), so some places are and will remain exclusive and not designated for mass tourism. We don’t want to destroy them! The price of such property must, therefore, reflect the uniqueness. Thus, it is clear that bezKempu will not be affordable for everyone, but that is not what we aim for.
+- How much does it cost?
You pay similarly to other “booking” services. The price per night is specified for each land. The price is dependent on accommodation type, meaning that you pay different amounts for a tent and a caravan. It is also influenced by the number of campers. The landowners set the prices on their own, some of them charge you only a fixed sum. Everything is clearly displayed at each offer. But don’t worry, in most of the cases you will pay way less than on a campsite.
+- How do I pay and identify myself to the landowner?
For your reservation, you will pay with your credit card via an on-line secured gateway (GoPay or PayPal). After the payment, you will receive an e-mail with instructions. The landowner will also be notified. Furthermore, we generate a unique code just for your reservation. If you have a caravan or mobile home, you provided licence plate numbers upon registration. That will do; the landowner can check this any time. If you have just a tent, use the unique code generated just for your reservation. You may write the code on a piece of paper and pin it onto the tent. The owner may then verify your reservation at any time. Awesome, right?
+- May I cancel my stay and under what conditions?
As you may know from our story, we created the service mainly for ourselves :-) We don’t like losing the whole cost of the hotel or camp booking. At bezKempu.cz, the situation is far more pleasant. You may cancel your reservation even on the day before arrival, with a 20% cancellation fee. It is not possible to cancel on the arrival day and you will be charged the whole sum.

Why a 20% cancellation fee: Primarily, we want our service to be decent and accessible for everyone. Imagine a situation with no cancellation fee and, the worst-case scenario, someone would make reservations for all properties for the longest period possible. We bet you wouldn’t like that. In addition, even in the case that you cancel your stay, we have spent some time and money on your reservation. In spite of that, we believe that, for example 20% from a 300 CZK „rent“, i.e. 60 CZK, won’t ruin your budget.
+- How do I know that the property is suitable for me?
Upon registration, the landowners duly fill in every little detail. Then, our team visits the properties personally, takes pictures, stay overnight. Each property description, thus, includes enough details for your informed decision.
+- What about toilet and water?
The water and toilet options are shown for each property. If you are travelling by caravan, we suppose this question is not crucial for you, as your caravan is probably equipped with a chemical toilet and a water tank. Before setting out on your journey, please, prepare your toilet and enough water. Of course, disposing of any wastewater is strictly prohibited on any property.

If you are travelling only with a tent and there is no toilet on the property, which is quite a common situation in the nature, you can do the following:

1. Try to “go” on the way in a restaurant, at a gas station etc.

2. If the nature will call on the property with no toilet around, please use your brains and behave responsibly to the nature and other people – do not choose to “accommodate your need” directly on the property or nearby any dwelling. Go further into the nature, try digging a small hole (carrying a small shovel is recommended for tourists), or at least expose a piece of soil. There are many organisms in the dirt, who can effectively take care of everything. Did you know that such “toilet” is much more eco-friendly than the cosy, with drinking-water flushing toilets and expensive wastewater cleaning facilities? Like it or not, while staying in the nature, you are becoming a bit of an ecologist.

Do not just cover your “masterpiece” with toilet paper/handkerchiefs. Do not throw away any wet towels, tampons, or condoms, for the love of God :-) Bring a plastic bag, think of other people and the nature. The landowners will evaluate your behaviour after you leave. Thus, if you act like “pigs”, the odds are against you and this may be your last trip.

Do not expect the same service as in a camp. On the other hand, that’s why you travel with bezKempu, eh?

More about "Leave No Trace":
+- How does the GoPay gateway work?
After clicking “Make reservation”, you will be redirected to GoPay, which is the most common and secured payment gateway in the Czech Republic. You provide your credit card details, thereby finishing the reservation. Your card details are secured and encrypted, and we don’t have any access to them. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your safety.
+- May I enjoy barbecue, build a canopy or set out the awning?
That’s exactly the advantage in comparison with illegal camping in the wild, when you have to be very careful so that nobody knows you are there (we recommend arriving at night, leaving with the break of the dawn, using military camouflage, whispering, not taking out stairs and so on). With bezKempu.cz, the landowner knows about you, and, thus; you can be absolutely relaxed and fully enjoy your vacation. You can build your canopy, or awning, se your grill etc. Note: The landowners can set the barbecue option in the property profile. Sometimes, they choose “barbecue forbidden” by mistake, even if they aren’t strictly against. In such case, we recommend asking them upon arrival.
+- Why are the prices comparable to those of camp sites, even if there is no bathroom?
A place in the wild, somewhere private or among a restricted number of people, far away from crowded and noisy camp sites, that is the highest value. That is a unique experience. The camp site is considered a low-cost option. Staying there may be cheaper, because they try squeezing as many people as possible onto a limited space. But is it worth it? Moreover, some of the places in our offer have comparable facilities with only a slight difference - for your private use only.
+- I am used to staying in camps – I am afraid of “wild camping”
Don’t worry and step out of your comfort zone. You’ll see that camping outside a camp is a completely incomparable experience. Once you try, you’ll never want to trade back. Furthermore, bezKempu eliminates the disadvantages of illegal wild camping; see: https://www.bezkempu.cz/nebud-sardinka
+- Do I need to make a reservation in advance? I am used to deciding on the go.
Making and paying for reservations in advance is not necessary. You may book online (e.g. using your smartphone) while arriving to the property or just before leaving for your trip. However, some properties either require the owner to confirm the vacancy (e.g. the owner may be using the property for his/her own purposes), or the owner must let you in (e.g. unlock the gates) and, thus, it is not possible to enter the property without previously extablishing your ETA with the owner. For each property, these options are stated within the general information section. For properties that require the landowner’s presence, we recommend to make a reservation at least one day in advance. We aim for a widespread network of properties, which allow for an immediate reservation without the need for the approval and presence of the owner to let you in. In the future, anywhere you go, anytime you decide to stop, you just check the map for the closest bezKempu spot and after a quick reservation you can arrive rightaway. On the other hand, a timely reservation means a guaranteed vacancy for you. The offer is limited – the property is not a camp and the owner often offers only 2–3 places, sometimes just one.
+- May I come to the property at any time?
Details of each property contain information about the access thereto – whether it’s free or you need to talk to the landowner about your ETA.

With a free access, the arrival time is up to you, only a valid reservation is required. If you arrive earlier than indicated in the “Arrival from” section, previous guests may still be at the property and, thus, there won’t have to be enough space for you, until they leave (the property should be vacated by the time listed in the “Departure until” section, if applicable). Moreover, if the latest departure is indicated and you would like to leave later, you cannot stand in a way of newcomers. This rule must be obeyed especially at small properties, which are able to accommodate only 1–2 individual reservations.

In the case that it is necessary to agree on your ETA with the landowner, the property is usually fenced and he/she must lend you keys or show you into your camping spot. For such properties, you may also request an earlier arrival or later departure than indicated in the “Arrival from” and “Departure until” sections, respectively (if applicable). This depends only on the landowner’s schedule. Still, it is necessary to be considerate to other visitors, who have either not left yet or are arriving – just like when the property is freely accessible (see above).
+- How does reservation approval work?
Every property description includes details about reservation authorization – whether the owner’s approval is required or the reservation is confirmed rightaway after the payment.

In the case that the landowner's approval is necessary, your money will be only blocked from your account until the landowner confirms that you can come (e.g. he/she needs to check if the property won’t be used for personal purposes.The payment will be withdrawn from your account after the approval and your reservation is thereby confirmed. When the reservation is not authorized, the blocked amount is released. Note – there is a 48-hour window for the approval, meaning that if you book the property last minute, the owner doesn’t have to be able to confirm your reservation in time.

With the immediate confirmation after the payment, the situation is much simpler. In such case, the reservation is guaranteed. You only need to pick a date and make the payment.
+- Where is the exact address and GPS coordinates of the property?
To protect the landowners against raids of people, who don’t want to pay and somehow hope to remain unnoticed at the property, we give the access to the exact address, GPS coordinates and route description only to decent campers, who have already booked their stay (which was confirmed by the owner, if necessary). Despite that, the landowner can check on the guests directly at the property at any time. All vital information is sent via email and i salso visible in the traveller’s profile immediately after reservation approval. You know, although travelling is our passion and we created the bezKempu.cz service also for our personal needs, it requires a long-term investment of energy and money. To run, maintain and upgrade its quality for you, the service is paid for. Partial financial support comes from the small commission we get from the landowner after your stay. If someone tried to go behind our back, i.e. directly contacting the landowner, not only would it be frowned upon, but also both the traveller and landowner accounts would be blocked from our service. Thus, we believe that you understand our reasons and that by paying for your stay you will contribute to running this high-quality service, which we all aim for so much and we do it with love.
+- Will I be camping on the property on my own?
The maximum number of individual reservations is listed for each property. That means how many individual groups of people with a tent, caravan or campervan may stay on the property at the same time. When you make as many reservations for tents + vehicles + caravans as is the capacity of the property, you will be there really alone. In the case that the property can accomodate 4 individual reservations and you book 1 tent and 1 campervan, someone else may also make their reservation on the same dates and, thus; you will share the property. But don't worry, the vast majority of properties won't be booked out on regular days (except holidays) and it is very likely that you will be the only camper there.
+- Where do I find the landowner's contact info?
All you need to know is clearly written on each property page. The whole reservation process is simple and intuitive, the system also executes everything regarding the payment, so there really is no need to contact the landowner just to tell him/her that you are interested. To protect the landowners from excesive phone calls and queries about basic information, we share their contact information after the reservation is completed. The contact may be used, for example, when the guest has problems finding the property or additional agreement is necessary. If you still need any information, that is not listed in the offer details, you can use our contact form, which is accessible after clicking the "Ask!" button on the property details page. Based on your questions, the landowner adds the information into the offer.
+- How do I find out if there are vacancies on my desired dates?
To check the availability, it is not necessary to ask the landowner. Simply select the date in the Arrival and Departure section of the property details page before making the reservation. The calendar shows only available dates, so you can see when you can arrive and how long you can stay.
+- When can I pay by bank transfer and when is the payment due?
Before coming to the property, it is always necessary that the reservation is properly paid and, eventually, approved by the landowner. The easiest situation is to pay with a credit card. In such case, we receive a confirmation from the bank immediately after the payment is made. The bank transfer is a more complex situation, because this can sometimes take up to 2 business days before the amount is credited to our account (so it is certain that the payment was made). For this reason, the payment by transfer is only possible for bookings starting not earlier than the third working day after the booking.

Example: If your stay starts on Friday, you must make the reservation at least 3 days in advance - on Tuesday.

At the same time, however, do not wait with the payment and make it as soon as possible - the payment must be credited to our account not later than the second working day from the moment of your booking or not later than 18:00 on the day before the start of the stay (e.g. if you make your reservation on Friday, the money must arrive by Tuesday). If the payment is not credited in time according to these conditions, the reservation is automatically cancelled and the blocked places are released for other campers.
+- Why go to a place where water is not available?
If you travel only with a tent and there is no water supply available on the property, this is of course a complication, as we are used to consuming tens of liters of perfectly clean, drinking water every day. However, if we skip a morning shower or go for a bath in the river instead, we can use just 2–3 liters of water per person a day. For short stays, we can easily take such amount of water with us and we can get a chance to enjoy adventure in the untouched nature. It depends only on how much you are willing to give up the comfort of civilization and what adventure you looking for :-)
+- What does the circumvention ban mean?
We believe that most people are decent and we can proudly call them corpsless, but unfortunately we also meet people who try to bypass our system at all costs, just to save some crown. These people will damage the whole concept of our service and other decent careless people. It is necessary to realize that although our service fee is very low and in some cases even symbolic, only thanks to this fee we can operate and improve this service for you, which has already brought amazing experiences to thousands of you. So if there is someone who refuses to pay for this, it is the same as shoplifting. We therefore severely punish this activity. It is therefore prohibited:

  • agreement with the owner directly, including payment for the stay in cash
  • extending your stay outside our system
  • inviting friends who do not have a reservation

Such behavior makes the service impossible and at the same time harms other landless people, as the whole service is based on absolute peace and a limited number of crews on the plot. People without reservations have nothing to do there. Therefore, if we find a circumvention of the service (we have procedures for this), we will be forced to prevent those concerned from further use of this service (we can recognize identity by several data, including phone numbers, email addresses, card or account numbers, IP addresses, etc.) account). If the owner also commits this activity, his offer on Bezkempu.cz will also be suspended or canceled.

Thank you for understanding this. The purpose of this text is not to scare you, we are just trying to point out what is absolutely necessary for this service to work at all.
+- BezKempu and COVID-19

Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have been fully aware of and are still aware of the risks, which is why we approach the whole issue very responsibly. Although our service is essentially "only" a sophisticated advertising platform, we ask all landowners and visitors to consider the current situation and follow government regulations.

+- Podle čeho jsou tříděny výsledky na mapě pozemků?
Při vstupu na stránku mapy jsou pozemky tříděny podle složeného výpočtu zahrnujícího aktuální popularitu pozemku (počet rezervací v posledních týdnech), hodnocení pozemku, stáří pozemku, počet volných míst v následujícím měsíci, režim spolupráce a současně i prvku náhody, aby i zatím méně známé pozemky měli šanci dostat se do hledáčku zájemců. Třídění je možné následně změnit na jednu z těchto možností:

Podle ceny
V případě, že vyberete počet osob a formu přenocování, máte možnost si setřídit pozemky od nejlevnějších

Podle hodnocení
Řazení podle hodnocení od skutečných návštěvníků. Zahrnuje i faktor počtu hodnocení, tedy výše může být i pozemek s mírně horším hodnocením, pokud má více hodnocení a hodnota je tedy více vypovídající

Od nejnovějších
Řazení podle okamžiku zaregistrování pozemku (ne skutečného spuštění pozemku s nabídkou zájemcům)

Teď frčí
Pozemky, které mají nejvíce rezervací za poslední dva týdny

Označení srdíčkem
Řazení podle počtu, kolikrát si jednotlivé pozemky registrovaní uživatelé zařadili mezi oblíbené
+- Jakým způsobem probíhá hodnocení pozemku?
Pokaždé, když skončí pronájem pozemku, obdrží nájemník emailem krátký dotazník, ve kterém vyplní, jak se jim na pozemku líbilo a zda pozemek byl takový, jak je prezentovaný v katalogu. Nájemníci následně mají 14 dní čas na to, aby dotazník vyplnili, případně přiložili fotky z pozemku. Zde vypsané hodnocení jsou tedy od skutečných nájemníků, kteří pozemek navštívili.