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May I cancel my stay and under what conditions?

As you may know from our story, we created the service mainly for ourselves :-) We don’t like losing the whole cost of the hotel or camp booking. At, the situation is far more pleasant. You may cancel your reservation even on the day before arrival, with a 20% cancellation fee. It is not possible to cancel on the arrival day and you will be charged the whole sum.

Why a 20% cancellation fee: Primarily, we want our service to be decent and accessible for everyone. Imagine a situation with no cancellation fee and, the worst-case scenario, someone would make reservations for all properties for the longest period possible. We bet you wouldn’t like that. In addition, even in the case that you cancel your stay, we have spent some time and money on your reservation. In spite of that, we believe that, for example 20% from a 300 CZK „rent“, i.e. 60 CZK, won’t ruin your budget.