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Where is the exact address and GPS coordinates of the property?

To protect the landowners against raids of people, who don’t want to pay and somehow hope to remain unnoticed at the property, we give the access to the exact address, GPS coordinates and route description only to decent campers, who have already booked their stay (which was confirmed by the owner, if necessary). Despite that, the landowner can check on the guests directly at the property at any time. All vital information is sent via email and i salso visible in the traveller’s profile immediately after reservation approval. You know, although travelling is our passion and we created the service also for our personal needs, it requires a long-term investment of energy and money. To run, maintain and upgrade its quality for you, the service is paid for. Partial financial support comes from the small commission we get from the landowner after your stay. If someone tried to go behind our back, i.e. directly contacting the landowner, not only would it be frowned upon, but also both the traveller and landowner accounts would be blocked from our service. Thus, we believe that you understand our reasons and that by paying for your stay you will contribute to running this high-quality service, which we all aim for so much and we do it with love.