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May I come to the property at any time?

Details of each property contain information about the access thereto – whether it’s free or you need to talk to the landowner about your ETA.

With a free access, the arrival time is up to you, only a valid reservation is required. If you arrive earlier than indicated in the “Arrival from” section, previous guests may still be at the property and, thus, there won’t have to be enough space for you, until they leave (the property should be vacated by the time listed in the “Departure until” section, if applicable). Moreover, if the latest departure is indicated and you would like to leave later, you cannot stand in a way of newcomers. This rule must be obeyed especially at small properties, which are able to accommodate only 1–2 individual reservations.

In the case that it is necessary to agree on your ETA with the landowner, the property is usually fenced and he/she must lend you keys or show you into your camping spot. For such properties, you may also request an earlier arrival or later departure than indicated in the “Arrival from” and “Departure until” sections, respectively (if applicable). This depends only on the landowner’s schedule. Still, it is necessary to be considerate to other visitors, who have either not left yet or are arriving – just like when the property is freely accessible (see above).