Bezkempu s.r.o was founded as a conjoint idea by Michal Strnad and the brothers Pavel and Petr Nohejl. We have a rich experience with e-commerce, running the and projects at Lemicom s.r.o, which has been operating since 2006. Thanks to our experience in technology, marketing, logistics and mainly due to our common interest – traveling - we were able to create this project, which is not only our work, but also our hobby. We are a group full of innovative ideas and, thanks to other long-term active projects, we also have a great background for growth and expansion.


+420 725 914 111

The service is provided by:
Bezkempu s.r.o.
Company ID: 07213557
Tax ID: CZ07213557
Ve žlíbku 1800/77
193 00 Prague 9
Czech Republic