at first, there was the nature, then a man came…

Ethical commandments

We want to protect nature, peace and good interpersonal relationships, we want to keep high quality of services. BezKempu is designated for all decent and civilized people, who just want to escape the noise and the negative effects of civilization. Therefore, anyone who uses our services and travels to the properties, must adhere to this Code of Ethics. In the event of a serious breach, you may be excluded from the system, which may also have negative effect on the landowner. Despite that, we hope you take these principles as a matter of course.

You shall not make noise

You will keep the property and its immediate surroundings calm. Especially in inhabited areas. After 10 p.m. hours, you will keep night peace, you will not play loud music and you will speak quietly so that you will not disturb anyone around. If you have the need to party all night, bezKempu is not for you!

You shall clean up

When leaving, leave nothing behind on the property, i.e. take all rubbish with you and dispose of it on designated places.

You shall not harm the nature

Most properties are located in a beautiful countryside that needs to be protected. Be respectful to plants, animals and the surroundings. Obey the rules and regulations of local parks and areas.

You shall not ignite

If making fire is allowed on the property, you will only use the designated fireplace. All the time, you will have the fire under control, and you will quench the fire at the end. At the same time, stay informed about the current situation in the area, including possible fire ban due to drought.

You shall not drain your latrine

You will not dispose of the contents of a chemical toilet anywhere on the property. Only after an agreement with the owner and in a designated place. The same rule applies to wastewater.

You shall not get drunk

Similarly to noise, it is inappropriate to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and then to bother others around or the neighbours. Of course, reasonable consumption of alcoholic beverages is possible, but if you are harassing others when tipsy, you will be expelled from the property without compensation. Even the Police of the Czech Republic can be allerted and your whole group may have problems with using our service in the future.

You shall greet your neighbours

Renting a plot is also a burden on interpersonal and neighbourly relations. Treat the people around carefully as if they were your neighbours at home. It's nice to say hello and ensure them that you won’t make any problems.

You shall understand

that bezKempu is neither a campsite service, nor a service for “spoiled” travellers seeking the luxury of a hotel. No. BezKempu is based on humanity and ordinariness. That's why you should understand that some things just don’t work like in a hotel and we can often solve many of the possible problems and shortcomings together with a decent and human approach. Because people at bezKempu like each other.

You shall not act behind our back

Thanks to the small fees we collect from the lease from the landowner, we can run the entire service, ensure its quality and functionality. Therefore, it is forbidden to attempt to agree on accommodation with the owner just on your own. Because of the apparent feeling of a few pounds saved, you would risk that you will be blocked forever, and so will the landowner. And that’s not worth it.

You will thank

The landowners rent their properties not only for money, but also because they like to meet people, they enjoy it and they like to take care of their property. It will be a great pleasure to thank them after your stay and also to write a review (you will receive an email notification).