How it works

We bring „wild camping“ enriched with the simplicity and comfort of modern internet and mobile service. We are proud that we can introduce the bezKempu reservation system. Travelling with your tent or caravan is now much more comfortable. Operating the system and making reservations can be easily done by a little kid and even our hundred years old grandpa :-)


Find the perfect spot for your journey and adventure

MAP: Use the map on the home page to choose the destination of your interest. When using a mobile phone, use two fingers to zoom in the map.

STAY OVERNIGHT: In this section, you can choose the destination from the list of properties. To get relevant results faster, use filters, e.g. caravan, tent, water, toilet etc.

Look at the details of the selected property

In the property detail, the landowner has listed all important information.
Pay attention mainly to the suitability of the property (tent, caravan, campervan), which is depicted with icons.
In this section, you will also find a detailed description of the property, its equipment, activities in the surroundings and other important information.

Price and planning: Choose the type of your stay (tent, caravan, campervan).
Choose the number of people and desired dates.The price will be displayed immediately.
By clicking Let’s go!, you will be redirected to a simple reservation page.
May you have any additional questions, click the Ask button .
(Note: In some cases, the landowner doesn’t reply immediately)

Reservation full of advantages

For everything to work, a quick and simple reservation is required. But don’t worry, the process is not as demanding as in a hotel or as chaotic as at some campsites.

Reservation at bezKempu:

  • guaranteed place – minimum cancellation fee in comparison to common reservation systems (more about cancellation policy)
  • refund guaranteed, as well as falling in love (see Everlasting love)
  • simplicity – one click, a payment by card and no need to be bothered by any paperwork and invoicing
  • calm sleep - the landowner doesn’t have to worry about any unwanted strangers and you can peacefully enjoy your stay

During your reservation, you will provide the plate numbers of your vehicle (not required when you come only with a tent) and click Make reservation (if you’re not registered, we will need just a couple of information to be able to process your reservation).
For your reservation to be completed, you will have to make a not very pleasant step – the payment :-)
For that, a gateway for card payments will be used.
The payment will be made via the most common, secured Czech payment gateway – GoPay.

And that’s it. See, how nice and simple did we prepare it for you?
In addition, you will receive an e-mail with necessary details (route description, GPS coordinates and the landowner’s contact information for the case that you get lost). You can contact the landowner and agree on anything you like (except trying to stay at the property behind our back – your account may be blocked).

Now, it’s time to set out for your first journey..