At the Wallachian fruit drying plant in Peciválky
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Welcome to a flat half-hectare meadow occasionally grazed by sheep or donkeys, between a stream and woodland. Camping next to a working historic Wallachian fruit drying plant. Enjoy the quiet at the end of civilisation while sitting by the pond with frogs, newts and boobies. Welcome to the Lušová valley in Halenkov.There is a cycling trail on the border of the property, but nature lovers will enjoy it - you can visit the flowery meadows with dozens of species of day and night butterflies and rare plants, juniper pastures, hemlock forests with rare birds. You can collect herbs for tea, mushrooms for drying and all kinds of other forest fruits. All within a one minute walk from your campsite. We have just (25 Aug 2022) opened an indoor solar shower powered by 400 litres of solar heated water for your convenience! The shower stands adjacent to the property and is shared with a second No Camping site in the log cabin. We refill the water about twice a week, but even so, we need to be economical with it.The shop is far away, so we have newly opened a self-service meadow bar with beer and nealk for visitors.We have prepared and opened a nature trail on 26.5.2023, which will take you through the beauty of the area from the perspective of a naturalist and historian. You will also learn details about the relocation and reconstruction of our drying kiln and the place names and history of the places in the area.We recommend visitors to install offline maps on their mobile phones. There is no signal far and wide, maps on your mobile phone will help you not only when hiking.

Aktuálně na pozemku
The access road to the property was paved The access road to the property was paved
Although it is supposedly dry, it has been raining more or less all the time in our mountains for the last half year. The result was a deep waterlogging of all the meadows. That's why there was a problem with the access to the drying building. We have therefore newly filled the driveway with gravel so that visitors can always get to the parking in the best places on the property.
Cover photo of June on the page I am a Subarista Cover photo of June on the page I am a Subarista
We are pleased that for the month of June the cover photo on the I am a Subarista profile was chosen as the one taken during the Bezkemp at our drying plant.
Shower water filled Shower water filled
The weather is already favoring the solar shower, so we have filled it up and are keeping our fingers crossed that the water will be as pleasant as possible to use.
We invite you to the new nature trail We invite you to the new nature trail
Freshly (23.5.2023) we have installed a nature trail on our land, which will guide you through the beauty of Peciválek - historical and natural. And as a bonus, you will read how we moved the log drying house and why the places are called what they are called.
Basic info
Free entry onto the property What does it mean?
The landowner must authorize the reservation. What does it mean?
V poslední době potvrzeno 100% rezervací. Průměrná doba do odpovědi je 16 minut.
There is enough space for 2 individual reservations on the property. What does it mean?
You will receive the exact address, GPS coordinates and route description after you complete the booking. Why?
The landowner contact information will be provided after the booking. Why?

Slevy na vícedenní pobyt:

5 - 9 nocí: 10%

10 a více nocí: 20%

toilet - The dry toilet is directly on the property and is shared with the adjoining accommodation in a timbered chamber.
drinking water - The well is about 900 m away by the asphalt access road, the possibility to draw the supply from the owners own well about 300 m away. Map is on the property.
power - Recharging batteries of small appliances from the 220 V network is possible by arrangement at the nearby cottage No. 351, about 300 meters away. A map with the exact connection point located in a lockable wooden hollowed-out log is on a sign on the property.
shower / lavatory - We have just (20.7.2022) launched a solar shower powered by 400 litres of solar heated water for your convenience! We refill the water twice a week, but you still need to be careful with it and you may run out:-)
picnic table
Waste disposal
Greywater (shower, hand washing) - At the edge of the site, subject to the use of eco-means.
Chemical toilet - There is no possibility to pour chemical toilet.
Access to the place may be a problem in winter
The property is easy to access even in bad weather

Access is from the municipal asphalt road, which is followed by a partially paved connection of about 150 m. The paving of the access to the whole plot was newly realized on 28.5.2023, the whole plot can be circumnavigated even in bad weather.

Restriction of the access road

Access is wide enough for all cars, vans and caravans.


From the land is easily accessible cycling route 6270 (Ptáčnice-Tanečnice) on the ridge of the Vsetín Hills - suitable for mountain bikes. On the asphalt, little frequented road at a distance of about 5 km lies the Bečva cycle path.

winter sports

Sledding, bobsledding, cross-country skiing. But mainly snowshoeing and trips to the lynx and wolf trails.

water sports

By the river at a distance of approx. 5 km (accessible on foot, by bike, on skates), natural water area Balaton in Nový Hrozenkov at a distance of 9 km (accessible by bike path).

for kids

After agreement with the landlords the possibility of visiting the nearby farmstead - breeding sheep, donkeys, rabbits, poultry.

walking and hiking

The starting point of marked hiking trails in the centre of Halenkov (5 km). From the land available ridge of the Vsetín Hills, in a pleasant walking distance, for example, the cottage Vsacky Cáb (1.5 h walk) or Soláň hill (4 h walk). Visitors can enjoy a map with an approximately 45-minute circular walk around the area with nice views and unspoilt nature.

in-line skating

Slightly sloping asphalt road suitable for skaters (after about 5 km there is a possibility to connect to the Bečva cycle path).


Although it is not a horse, you can put your children or, if you are under 80 kg, yourself on our donkeys and let them ride. So if the donkeys want to, they are usually self-driven and we won't move them from their place. If you want, we can also let the donkeys loose on your property. They can't run away, the property is fenced.

Další aktivity

Mushroom picking, there is a historic fruit drying room on the property (open in the autumn months). Attention, there is no mobile phone signal on the property. Wi-Fi at the owners' cottage (approx. 250 m). In the immediate surroundings, rich fauna and flora, preserved and varied living Wallachian cultural landscape (juniper pastures, hemlock forests, butterfly meadows). The landlords farm traditionally on the surrounding land (sheep grazing, hay drying, possibility of collecting home-grown eggs, seasonal home-grown rabbit or lamb/skip meat, dried fruit). In autumn, you can take part in traditional fruit drying in a timbered fruit drying room over 150 years old.


Departure until: 12:00
Can I come anytime?

campfire allowed
barbecue allowed
celebrations and noise prohibited, keep calm during the day More info
platba v hotovosti a mimo rezervační systém Bezkempu není možná More info
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For families
2.6 - 4.6.2023 Tomáš říká:
Byli jsme už podruhé a jako v prvním případě paráda, klid, hezké okolí na procházky. Milí majitelé, doporučujeme.
5.5 - 8.5.2023 Kateřina říká:
Krásné klidné místo. Jen v dešti jsme museli zůstat stát s karavanem hned u brany,cesta byla rozblacená a rozmačená,tak jsme se dal nedostali.
9.4 - 10.4.2023 Miloš říká:
Krásná příroda, doporučujeme
23.9 - 1.10.2022 Martin říká:
Opravdu moc pěkné místo se soukromím. Při příjezdu jsme při deštivém počasí trochu zapadli, ale majitel nám ihned pomohl. Sympatičtí majitelé a krásná sušárna, kterou přestěhovali a zachránili. V tomto období výborné místo na sběr hřibů.
6.9 - 7.9.2022 Vojtěch říká:
Skvělý plac, kde nedosah signálu je spíše výhodou. 😊
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