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Masaryk's viewpoint Zbečno - the heart of the Křivoklát Protected Landscape Area
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The Masaryk Lookout offers a magnificent view of the wooded valley of the Berounka River and the village of Zbečno in the heart of the protected landscape area and the entire panorama with the Masaryk Bridge. In a deep valley, right on the bank of the Berounka River, there is a millennial village (in the Ota Pavel region), a former hunting bastion of the Přemyslids with a princely court older than Křivoklát Castle (at night we can see part of the village of Křivoklát). The landscaped meadow, including paths (completely created from the steep slope!) and our forest (to the left of the viewpoint) is just for you, giving you privacy behind the gate, (so that others who are interested in the viewpoint do not enter the property). The owner will let you know how to get behind the gate in due course on the phone. NUMBER OF SPACES CAN BE INCREASED WITH TENTS - call owner 602391330. Smaller tents are most on the lower patio, but also upstairs behind the fire pit. You have privacy, no cottages or cabins next door. You are alone in the countryside above the river Berounka with a nice fireplace and site facilities (drinking water, toilet, electricity, free Wifi with password) on the edge of our 2 ha forest with landscaped access. The plot is below the municipal road in our forest, so guests with a tent, if they are not on the lower terrace can hear the light traffic in the morning. Make sure you book early, there is a legal campsite and fire pit on our land with rules of use that are also in your interest.Also take a look at our many photographs in the introduction which open in detail with captions, it is well worth seeing, then read, especially the paragraphs - Rules, Passability - especially for vehicles with a trailer and less experienced drivers with a hire vehicle as well as more detailed information. We do not recommend long motorhomes of 5 tons with three axles for our property!Down by the river our Rozarka well is publicly accessible.PLEASE OBEY THE RULES THAT ARE ESTABLISHED!!! This is mainly for the sake of leaving the land in an impeccably tidy condition for you and other guests and for your safety. In the message when booking, please indicate directly your address and date of birth... To be entered in the guest book. Thank you.For more information, please visit our original website: https://masarykova-vyhlidka-zbecno.webnode.czTipy on the trip are in detail at the photos can be found at the following links below with the best film about Křivoklát region from the production of Czech Television. The title is Landscape of Home 4.díl HD
Basic info
Free entry onto the property What does it mean?
The reservation is confirmed immediatelly after completing the payment. What does it mean?
There is enough space for 3 individual reservations on the property. What does it mean?
You will receive the exact address, GPS coordinates and route description after you complete the booking. Why?
The landowner contact information will be provided after the booking. Why?

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toilet - Dry toilet exclusively for guests. Please clean up after yourselves, we don't have a cleaner. Toilet. Take paper and a flashlight with you. Thank you for your understanding.
drinking water - Drinking water (outside the winter season) is directly at the lookout. There are also 2-3 restaurants in the village of Zbečno and Sýkořice (where daily cooking takes place) depending on the season, also COOP grocery stores. There is also a hydrant in the village with good quality drinking water at the branch to Klíčava. At the hydrant, you can refill your camper with its own hose free of charge. On the property only the necessary amount of drinking water.
power - It is necessary to communicate in advance to switch on the connection point (not only in rain, caution is necessary with extension cables)ATTENTION - NOT ALLOWED FOR VEHICLE HEATING!
shower / lavatory - There is no communal shower yet, guests bring their own small solar showers from Decathlon. Drinking water is piped directly to the viewpoint. The water from the well is shared between the owner and you, so economy and caution is advisable, lest the water be left running unattended, it will pull down the well. Otherwise, the river is more of a solution for now. We are planning a solar shower UNTIL WE BUILD ANOTHER TERRACE FOR THEM...
Waste disposal
Greywater (shower, hand washing) - The wash water when using eco-friendly washing products can be poured into our forest under the turning area. At the top we have a gate as a fence from the road to prevent access by uninvited guests. It is necessary to close and secure the gate in an agreed manner.
Chemical toilet - We don't have an option for chemical toilet spills. Spilling the contents is therefore forbidden on our property!
Pozemek je sjízdný i v zimě / v období sněhu
Na pozemek je bezproblémový příjezd i za špatného počasí

ARRIVAL FROM SÝKOŘICE DOWN UNDER THE LARGEST STOP (100 metres on the left) TO THE VYHLÍDKA! (It is on the left side, marked by the sign MASARYK'S VYHLÍDKA next to the state emblem of the Czech Republic in front of the green gate of the property.) VEHICLES WILL TURN LEFT DOWN THE HILL FROM THE ROAD TO THE GATE AHEAD (WE ARE BETWEEN SIKORICA AND ZBECEK). IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO DRIVE IN FROM THE SIDE - FOR LONGER CARAVANS AND LONG MOTORHOMES IT IS NECESSARY AND EASIER TO DRIVE INTO THE CURVE BEHIND THE GATE. YOU MUST TURN AHEAD UNDER THE HILL IN THE ROAD IN ZBEČNA (or at the station after the bridge where the bus turns around) in order to arrive at the gates straight ahead in the direction of the hill. (It is advisable for the co-driver to also point out to any vehicles on the road or stop them). When entering and exiting, keep to the kerbs behind the gate. You will arrive at our turnaround point on the short V-shaped road. When you come to the front of the turning space, reverse smoothly and straightly without turning into the parking area! No other front entry from the turning area to the parking area is allowed! On the other hand, when leaving the turning point, you turn around and drive forward again - the caravan and the towing vehicle are turned separately.(THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION IS FOR INEXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY.) The driveway - has a width of 2.60 cm; the turning point is approx. 8.5 m with a length of more than 15 m. The turnaround point is almost level and is halfway up the short V-shaped drive to the viewpoint (you drive in a gentle downhill when coming from the gate and the other way when leaving). It is always best to go smoothly when leaving on a slight incline, even up the curve to the gate and onto the road (keep left). Do not drive into the curbs by the road, they are not concreted. If there are multiple vehicles in the parking area, a separate exit can be arranged with colleagues if it is not safe to avoid. Be careful not to drive onto the verge of the parking space, it is not paved, see signs. It is recommended that the passenger signal the driver especially when reversing.ARRIVAL: When arriving from our turn-around point, ALL vehicles will reverse below to a vantage point where they will park. Also, when pulling in with an RV, it is easier to back out of the turn-around area into the parking area in the back and drive straight and smoothly down to the site. With the use of the electric caravan drive, it is possible to unhook at the turning area and drive down the gentle slope independently. Always stay close to the foot around the coloured peg. Caravans of approx. 8.5 m length, 3.7 m height have entered and exited the site, but also so far all caravans without campers! Anyone who can't reverse a caravan should have an electric drive for self-propulsion. Wider rear view mirrors are also recommended, not only for reversing. In snow and ice, use chains if necessary.EXIT: The turning space is used by all vehicles when leaving, with the caveat that they must back up and move a few times on the plane of the turning space when turning, then turn and drive out in front. If you have a trailer (caravan), it is better to pull it with the towing vehicle onto the turning area and unhitch it there. The vehicle and the trailer, there turn separately. Heavier caravans using electric drive. The turned caravan is then hooked up and the front in the hitch is driven out. Look at the pictures you will see everything there with captions. So far all guests, including wider motorhomes, have entered the site without difficulty and likewise have driven off after turning see photos. The caravans about 8 m long in the photos all drove out without reversing. ONLY HAPPENED WHEN DRIVING from the turning point to park.

Omezení průjezdnosti přístupové cesty

Vehicles and RVs should carry tire chains or wheel belts, a shovel, a broom in case of snow or ice... In case of rain at the gate, use gravel if necessary, a shovel is available. In winter, in icy rain or snow, use bicycle chains if necessary. Vehicles are usually lined up at the slope from the fireplace starting with the fact that you are to drive to this position from the turning area you arrive at in front, see photo. If you are not backing out of the turning area on approach (which is easy and recommended) then when turning into the opposite direction you will not use the longer distance from the rear axle to the rear of the vehicle that extends over the curb when exiting the parking area. The narrowest width of the road on the ground is 2.60 cm. The gate is very wide. Due to the dimensions of the turning area, we DO NOT RECOMMEND RESERVATIONS FOR PERSONAL VEHICLES of a higher tonnage of 3.5 t with three axles and a length of 841 cm such as the Bürstner 840 with 5 tons. SO FAR, NO ONE HAS BEEN STRANDED FOR THE THIRD SEASON. Parking on the turning area is out of the question, others would not be able to pass! Please follow the rules, thank you.


Many cycling routes can be found in the vicinity of Zbečno in the Křivoklát region, most cyclists passing by stop at our viewpoint above us to take a photo of the panorama (not only cyclists, but also motorists and tourists, there is a red tourist sign on the passing roadway). The captions next to the photos give some tips for the trip. Bring your bikes, it's worth it.


In the Berounka River below our property near our Rozarka well.


Our property of about 2 hectares is mostly on a steep hillside above the river, and moving in the woods below the overlook can be closer to climbing than walking if you went off trail. Good boots and caution are essential if going to the spring, river or woods. At lower elevations the rocks are partly weathered. It is important not to loosen rocks when moving in the woods, as there are people walking under the rocks near the river. We have prepared a more challenging trail down to the spring and back - ONLY AT YOUR OWN DANGER AND WITHOUT BIG DOGS!

water sports

in the Berounka River without people under our hillside or at the dam Valentův mlýn about 1 km (route from Sýkořice). We recommend to take water shoes because of the rocky bottom. Beware of higher water and current after rains, when we do not recommend swimming without knowing the place.

for kids

Wifi by phone with password - call 602391330. Playground with equipment in the village Zbečno see photo. More extensive playgrounds are behind the castle Křivoklát.

walking and hiking

In the vicinity of Masaryk's lookout in Zbečná and its surroundings there are many possibilities of trips, either on foot - (the nearest lookout point Pěnčina is visible from us), many routes by bike, going down the river Berounka, by car or combined. The nearby Klíčava dam, the Brdatka nature trail to Křivoklát, the Ota Pavel memorial hall and the Ota Pavel Luh ferry under Branov and many others are on the horizon. For example, there are ruins of Jenčov Castle, Jivno Castle and Týřov Castle. There is also the beautiful Křivoklát Castle (at night the lights from the village of Křivoklát are visible on the left), Lány Castle, Leontýn and Nižbor. Others are the castles of Unhošt', Králův Dvůr, Kladno, etc. More precise descriptions of local excursions are given on the website of Masaryk's Lookout Zbečno see In the photos you will see a number of destinations and hiking possibilities with comments.

in-line skating

It is possible to skate as a precaution on a clear, low-traffic asphalt dirt road (unless there is a detour) near 100m from us towards Sýkořice to its football field and back


DON'T RIDE TO US ON A HORSE OR WITH A BERNARDINE (etc. animals).The 1st President of the Czechoslovak Republic used to ride to the lookout from Lány on horseback, but he did not stay there with the other guests. A beautiful farm now only for racehorses is at Luby/Sýkořice. THANK YOU.

Další aktivity

We recommend our guests to boaters, the possibility of renting boats or rafts from A.S.K., or other boat rental companies, which will bring it to a specified place and again take it away for a fee) Or you can take your inflatable boat from the station Zbečno to Roztoky or by bus to Nezabudice.It is also possible to go mushroom picking at a convenient time above Sýkořice towards Lánská obora or towards Křivoklát (our forest is in a steep slope). Wifi by phone with password - call 602391330.


If you are newly registering with, please read the bezkempare code of ethics and the rules of the site and other guidelines.Land on a slope is not suitable for massive and fighting breeds, disturbing sloping areas, otherwise pets are welcome. In addition, unruly dogs intrude on the privacy of other guests. Alternatively, arrangements must be made in advance with the landowner or opt for an exclusive reservation of the entire property.Do not drive vehicles or motorcycles behind the metal fire pit on the elevated area. This area is for tents or seating only. It is not for grooming or wood storage. Do not move the fire pit anywhere! Likewise, do not move the bench, it serves everyone! There are white bricks near the edge of the site as a fence for the safety of those present. Clean up anything you adapt for your use before you leave. If you damage anything of the plot equipment replace that item with the same new item. Tall sprawling tents with multiple bedrooms and shelters, etc. in conjunction with a vehicle are not allowed here without prior agreement with the landowner where they will be placed or moved in the interest of accommodating arriving guests and their departure. According to the rules of noCamp, please book tall large tents as 2x tents. This is fair to others who pay the price for one tent even without a tent, even if they sleep only in a vehicle or under a tent and arrive by train. In case of higher occupancy (depending on the situation), the cars are parked separately as far away from the viewpoint on our property as per the owner's disposition and mutual agreement, if the owner is not present.There is drinking water on the parking area (it is out of winter) (by prior agreement with the owner it is switched on). In times of drought only for necessary use. Pour water into the woods only. Keep dry at the source. Campers are advised to use paper utensils, trays, etc. In the nearby village of Zbečno there is a hydrant with drinking water for refilling motor homes. Please keep the toilets clean, we do not have a cleaner available. For hygiene reasons, please use your own toilet. paper.On the paths and on all utility areas PLEASE STICK TO YOUR OWN PETS, just move everything to the adjacent woods. Dogs must be manageable due to the continuity of the property with the woods where wildlife roams and below is the property of a neighbor who has a dog, therefore guest dogs cannot hunt in the woods or run independently under the neighbor's vantage point. Anyone who does not control their dog, DO NOT TAKE IT WITH YOU, BUT IT MUST BE STILL ON THE LEASH, even with respect to other guests! A new trail was completed in May 2020 directly through the passage to our Rozarka well and to the river (AT YOUR OWN DANGER). We recommend access only during daylight hours. We really ask that you do not damage the edges of the narrow path, which is on a steep slope, and do not use it with unruly dogs, which must be kept on a lead, they will not fit next to you. In addition, they cannot fetch or run off the trail in the steep hillside!Fire starting is according to the fire department's public disposition for the place, (in case of severe drought, strong winds and prohibition, do not start a fire!). The fire pit is in a large Olympic metal bowl - leave it in place. MAINTAINING A PERMANENT FIRE PIT FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR STAY IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT THE AGREEMENT OF THE LANDOWNER! A fire pit is not a substitute for heating on cold days in the summer, but even more so in the winter months. It is advisable to have a container of water and hand tools nearby to handle the fire after lighting. As a general rule, keep the fire to a maximum height of about 1/2 metre. Remove flammable objects around the fireplace! Do not leave the fireplace while it is still hot. Exit the fire in good time and in advance and then remove the ashes.Do not place your own barbecue near the forest, but only on the area where the fireplace is. Before you leave, carefully pick up twigs and debris around and around your own fire pit, just as those before you cleaned up for you! Put the extinguished and cold ashes in a metal container and dump them BEFORE you leave at the designated spot at the end of the turn-around area. (Don't grill on the fire table!) Firewood can be brought in (saves time in preparation) or collected.Don't leave unused firewood by the fire pit, take it down to the 1st patio below to the logs where it is also cleaned up before you leave. Don't drag the collected wood on the ground below the lookout on the left, take up only what you can carry. Collect wood (of which there is plenty in the woods to the left of the lookout) only during daylight hours; there is a risk of injury after dark. Do not throw stones with wood, there is a path under the forest and the viewpoint. It is forbidden to cut wood! If it is rainy, it is necessary to bring dry wood.Other arrival and departure times only with the consent of the landowner. Repeatedly and continuously clean up around the fire pit, including the fire pit if necessary by agreement with other guests. We cannot take a clean up after I leave approach to tidiness... Sometimes multiple crews come to the property and everyone wants to arrive to a clean environment. Plus, I can't always be present and your independence is also a responsibility. Thank you.Smoking on our wooded property is prohibited by law! Please do not litter cigarette butts anywhere. Wifi by prior arrangement. Read the camping code of conduct and follow the rules of the property. Apologise for the extent of the rules, they have been created by experience and are therefore more extensive to make things OK for new guests. Unfortunately for some guests, just one sentence is not enough: "Keep it tidy! "Thank you and have a nice day with us.

Arrival from: 13:00
Departure until: 12:00
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campfire allowed
barbecue allowed
celebrations and noise prohibited, keep calm during the day More info
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Hosté říkají o pozemku:
Nice view
13.5 - 14.5.2022 MARTIN říká:
Opravdu pekne misto. Naprosto odpovida popisu v nabidce.
14.5 - 15.5.2022 Pavel říká:
Místo bylo dobře připravené, uklizené, instrukce jasné. Vše podle popisu. Ocenili jsme tipy na výlet.
7.5 - 8.5.2022 Jiří říká:
Pozemek je se super výhledem, El.+voda na pozemku. Pán v pohodě a ještě nám posekal trávu než jsme zakempovali. Spokojenost
14.4 - 18.4.2022 Pavel říká:
Nádherná vyhlídka přímo z karavanu. Kohoutek s vodou i elektrika hned za karavanem. Opravdu jsme si to užili. Trochu náročnější výjezd, pokud máte delší přívěs i auto, ale zkušený řidič není problém. Nedoporučuji začátečníkům s přívěsem. Děkujeme 👍👍
17.4 - 18.4.2022 Vladimír říká:
Pozemek s nádherným výhledem do okolí. Za mě super místo. Ochotný majitel, který řekl i historii pozemku. Kdo má možnost přespání, nebude litovat návštěvy. Horní pozemek využit obytnými vozy a já se uklidil se stanem na spodní pozemek, kde sem měl i tak soukromí.
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