Javorná in Šumava - mountains, forests, nature, romance
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Dear campers, we are glad that you are interested in the possibility of camping in our Šumava region. Please have a look at the offer below. We hope that you will be interested in the beautiful surroundings and the range of additional services we offer, especially if you have children. If you decide to book, we will do our best to ensure that you are as satisfied with your stay as the great many campless campers before you (see references). We strive to create an informal, comfortable environment for all of us and so if you choose to choose to chat with us, we would be delighted. We look forward to meeting you and extend our warmest regards. Michal and Věra KulawiakFor camping without camping we offer three options in the village of Javorná (local part of Čachrov) in the Bohemian Forest. In winter, when there is snow, it is possible to camp with caravans only on the paved part of the land called Javorná in Sumava - Meadow and the paved area under the forest behind the village.On the land, about which you are now getting information, you will be our neighbors. It is a meadow of about 1.3 ha with a paved driveway in a quiet and peaceful environment at the end of the village directly adjacent to the forest. There is a farm building next door, a sheep pen a short walk away and our timbered farmhouse. Our horses will be grazing next to you. If you wish, let us know and we will be happy to put fencing tape around your tent and car so you don't have horses in close proximity. You will have an unforgettable view of the sunset over the peaks of Šumava in the evening. The first mention of our village dates back to 1614. Here you will find an old clapboard church and a fountain with clean spring water. It's a quiet place without mass tourism. You will be able to admire beautiful views of the countryside, beautiful corners of pure nature, for example, the view of the border ridge of the Šumava is breathtaking. It is ideal for walking and cycling tours. And if it is the mushroom season, Javorná and its surroundings are unrivalled and you will have the forest right behind your tent or caravan. In winter, local ski lifts and plenty of cross-country ski trails are in operation.The owner can be booked by prior arrangement especially for campers with an accompanying program themed to Sumava:-You can ride on our horses. We will be happy to teach beginners. The price for an hour of riding on our land is 400 CZK/hour, rides in the countryside 450 CZK/hour, winter skijöring (skiing behind the horse) 500 CZK/hour.-Your children can make friends with mini sheep, mini goats, kangaroos, rabbits, guinea pigs, or owls or a buzzard in our zoo.-The terrain Land Rover in expedition trim offers you the possibility of offroad expeditions around the area. The price for the whole crew (max. 4 passengers) is 1000 CZK/hour.-We offer guiding services in the near and distant surroundings with different focuses.-A survival course in the local nature can be arranged in different scope and focus.-For water lovers we have a raft and a ride to the golden Otava river.The owner is a professional hunting and expedition guide (https://www.expedice-woodcraft.eu/) with local knowledge of Šumava, its hidden corners and places. He can offer you individual guiding services in Sumava. He will take you to places that you would only pass by on your own on your hiking or cycling trips. He will show you Šumava as you do not know it, you will see places that are usually hidden, you can try to observe wild animals, in autumn you will hear deer bugling, we will visit together natural attractions, historical or mysterious places with interpretation and guide service.
Basic info
It is necessary to arrange the arrival time with the landowner, who enables the access to the property. What does it mean?
The landowner must authorize the reservation. What does it mean?
V poslední době potvrzeno 96% rezervací. Průměrná doba do odpovědi je 14 minut.
There is enough space for 8 individual reservations on the property. What does it mean?
You will receive the exact address, GPS coordinates and route description after you complete the booking. Why?
The landowner contact information will be provided after the booking. Why?

Slevy na vícedenní pobyt:

5 - 9 nocí: 5%

10 a více nocí: 10%

toilet - Dry toilet behind the outbuilding on plot 1.
drinking water - For plot 1) drinking water in the municipal fountain about 50m from the plot.For plot 2) drinking water in the municipal fountain at the church about 200m from the plot.
Waste disposal
Chemical toilet - Chemical toilet can be poured at the petrol station in Železná Ruda.
The land is accessible even in winter / in the snow season
In rainy weather, access to the property may be difficult

Plot No. 1 - less passable for caravans and motorhomes during prolonged rain and snowLot No. 2 - all year round without restrictions, part of the plot is paved


The excellent location of Javorná, the place of your camping, directly offers you more than 300 kilometres of marked trails in Šumava and hundreds more unmarked trails. Forest roads or quiet footpaths lead to many destinations, making this part of Šumava a cycling paradise.

winter sports

There are 3 ski slopes and a large number of maintained cross-country skiing trails right in the place. 15 km from us is a large sky area Špičák. 25 km from us is the sky area Velký Javor (Germany) - for demanding

water sports

The pond in the village of Velhartice is about 15 km from our campsite.

for kids

Your children can make friends with mini sheep, rabbits, a kangaroo, ... ride a horse and follow in the footsteps of Cinderella from the film Three Peanuts for Cinderella - one of the most beautiful Czech fairy tales, which was filmed in Javorná.

walking and hiking

The surroundings of Javorná offer a large number of tourist destinations according to maps and hiking trails with markings. If you are not interested in classic hiking, which everyone knows from guidebooks and maps, but would prefer a unique experience, it is possible to hire the owner of the land as a guide and go around Šumava in a different way - with a professional guide who knows Šumava. You need to book a guided tour in advance and agree on the programme you are interested in and the time and physical demands.Topics of the programme with individual interpretation and a guide. If you are lucky and have patience, you can observe wildlife. You will learn more about the local fauna and flora than just from a book guide (this topic is also a seasonal thing, the autumn bugling of deer, etc.) History and crafts : In the Middle Ages a salt trail passed right through Javorná. There are several castles and fortresses in the area. Gold was mined in the vicinity (remains of adits), there were also a large number of glassworks, hammers. The war and post-war period is also an integral part of the area with its fate of extinct villages, solitudes and settlements. In the surroundings of Javorná and Čachrov there are also mysterious places shrouded in legends and mysteries that we can visit. Fairy tales:Three Peanuts for Cinderella - who wouldn't know her? You can see together the places where some of her scenes were filmed. Even Mr. Chaloupek chose our village for his bedtime story.


We have 2 riding horses, which we will be happy to lend to those interested, for example directly on the property where you will be camping. Rides to the surrounding area are also possible. For beginners, we can also arrange lessons in the basics of western riding.

Další aktivity

Offroad driving: https://www.expedice-woodcraft.eu/offroad-zazitky/Nabízíme offroad driving in the Land Rover Defender expedition special, which is built for the toughest terrain, and you can try it out here on board. Dads and boys will especially appreciate this ride. Camping with us can be a real treat! Survival Courses:https://www.expedice-woodcraft.eu/kurz-prezitiJako professional expedition guide, the landowner can also offer you outdoor survival courses ranging from a few hours to days by appointment. You will test your limits and possibilities. How can you cope in the outdoors without relying on modern technology? You can taste an experience that no mobile app can provide. You will learn how to navigate in nature and take care of yourself in the middle of the wilderness. Rent a raft. We will rent you a raft and paddles and you can float down the golden Otava. We will take you to the place and then pick you up and bring you back to your tent or caravan. The beautiful river with its wild nature and Rábí Castle is waiting to tell you its paddling story. We also offer the possibility of personal car transport in the Bohemian Forest, for cases when you want to go on a trip but do not want to walk or do not want to unpark your caravan and pack. In the vicinity there is also bowling, rope centre, military bunkers, castles Velhartice, Rabí, Kašperk,...


Please contact me by phone before you arrive.When you leave, I expect the property to be in the same condition as before you arrived. Rolled grass does not count :-) Departure and arrival times can be postponed individually by agreement with the owner.

Arrival from: 13:00
Departure until: 12:00
Can I come anytime?

campfire allowed
barbecue allowed
celebrations and noise prohibited, keep calm during the day More info
platba v hotovosti a mimo rezervační systém Bezkempu není možná More info
Visited personally by the bezKempu.cz team - our comments:

Beautiful land and a great starting point for trips to the Bohemian Forest. Large plot so all guests are far away from each other and you have peace and privacy. Children will be thrilled with all the animals - sheep, lamb to pet, horse or bunnies. Beautiful sky full of stars with no light smog. A very helpful owner who will be happy to advise you what you can experience in the area, teach you the basics of riding your horse, or we can arrange a course in survival in nature or a trip in an all-terrain vehicle.

Guest rating
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Hosté říkají o pozemku:
For families
5.6 - 6.6.2023 Jana říká:
Krásný pozemek v horách s možností využití teepee. Kolem je les, klid, pasou se dva koně a kousek dál je minizoo s domácími zvířaty, klokany, dravci a sovami. Pan majitel je přátelský a velmi ochotný. Moc se nám tady líbilo a rádi zase přijedeme.
27.5 - 28.5.2023 Jitka říká:
Moc pěkné prostředí, příjemní majitelé. Kempovali jsme mezi koněmi a užili si komentované krmení zvířátek. Super zážitek, hlavně pro děti. Něco úplně jiného než v kempu. Za nás velika spokojenost.
27.5 - 28.5.2023 Adam říká:
Naprosto skvělé, klidné místo. Kolem koně i klokany. Rádi se někdy vrátíme!
20.5 - 21.5.2023 Michal říká:
Skvělé místo, klid a zvířatka. Přespání ohradě s konmi je parádní. Skvělý majitel.
6.5 - 8.5.2023 Markéta říká:
Tohle místo má opravdu nezaměnitelnou atmosféru. Klid a pohoda v přírodě. Děti nadšené ze setkání se zvířátky. Panu majiteli děkujeme za příjemné jednání a i možnost seznámit se blíže s jeho hospodářstvím ;-).
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