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Cabin in the wilderness - Emergency accommodation
 99 % (124 ratings)
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Experience unbelievable romance in a wooden cabin, in the absolute wilderness. Then, if you leave your cell phone in the car, you'll experience something you haven't experienced in a long time, or maybe never... :-)The cabin can accommodate 3 - 10 people. Or, by prior agreement, more people, depending on how you want to snuggle together :-).The cabin can be heated and cooked on the stove. Less than 100m below the cabin there is a stream (sometimes it dries up in summer), where you can wash dishes and take a bath... This water can be brought to the cabin to wash your hands etc. Drinking water can be refilled at our home, we live nearby, about 700 m. Definitely do not expect a white bed with a duvet, running water, electricity, free wifi, or a flushing toilet. Take your gear with you, as you would in the wild. Among other things, a sleeping bag, your own blanket underneath, plenty of candles, possibly a cooking pot, 6 x pencil batteries, a headlamp, and for those who can't do without, a fire starter (Pepo).
Basic info
Free entry onto the property What does it mean?
The reservation is confirmed immediatelly after completing the payment. What does it mean?
The property is designated for 1 reservation. What does it mean?
You will receive the exact address, GPS coordinates and route description after you complete the booking. Why?
The landowner contact information will be provided after the booking. Why?
Minimální délka pronájmu pozemku jsou 2 dny
Středně přísné storno podmínky What does it mean?
toilet - Kadibudka, about 300 m down. It is a pleasant walk. Especially at night :).
drinking water - At the owner's home there is a possibility to refill drinking water. There is no direct source on the site itself.
power - At the owner's home, there is the possibility of recharging phones, for example. There is no direct source at the site itself.
The land is accessible even in winter / in the snow season
The property is easy to access even in bad weather

Unfortunately, due to the protection of the surrounding vegetation, it is not possible to drive directly to the site. It is possible to park about 180m from the log cabin behind the pond dam. Please respect this. Thank youIn winter, when there is snow cover and in case of mud, I recommend to walk the driveway first to assess for yourself what you and your car can handle... :-)

water sports
walking and hiking

Please remove all waste, do not make unnecessary noise, etc..., you know the situation.Please call the above number to arrange for the handover of the keys.Attention - you are in a protected area where lighting fires is prohibited by law. The owner doesn't mind, but it doesn't change the matter. Thus, an outdoor fire is at your own (theoretical) risk of a possible fine. So far it hasn't happened :-).Please use wood for an outdoor fire from the surrounding countryside, there is plenty of it. Please don't use wood under the canopy, which is intended for the stove in the cabin.Those who can't clean up after themselves (you can find how to do it on the internet), better not really start a fire. A hint: clean ashes (cooled!!!), without rubbish, can be scattered freely with a shovel, for example on the meadow. Please do not pile it up, but really scatter it around the meadow. Toilet topic: if someone prefers to go into nature rather than to the cairn, ok, but always bury the personal treasure and especially the used papers. Thank you for that. Whoever I find wiped butt or ancestral papers around, I'll collect them and send it in a package to the offender's address. The "it's been there before" excuse doesn't hold up, as I check the neighborhood after every crew :-).

Arrival from: 13:00
Departure until: 12:00
Can I come anytime?

campfire allowed
barbecue allowed
celebrations and noise prohibited, keep calm during the day More info
platba v hotovosti a mimo rezervační systém Bezkempu není možná More info
Visited personally by the team - our comments:

To go away from civilization.Somewhere where there is no water or electricity.Somewhere you can't even get to by car.Somewhere where no one can find you if you don't want to.Somewhere that is the best in the world.

Guest rating
Hosté říkají o pozemku:
Nice view
28.10 - 30.10.2022 Vlado říká:
Nádherné miesto v nádhernej krajine a srub jak má byť!
A potom ta lúka a tie rána. No a nočná obloha?...
4.11 - 6.11.2022 Václav říká:
Úžasné místo pro podzimní pobyt pro ty, kdo mají rádi přírodu a jsou zvyklí na trampské podmínky. Klasický srub na klidném místě bez elktřiny acivilizace. Strávili jsme tu dva večery u kytary a svíček a podnili celodenní výšlap do okolí. Doporučuji všem dobrodruhům.
30.9 - 2.10.2022 Pavel říká:
Už pátý :-) pobyt na srubu. Opět skvělý víkend s příjemnou procházkou v okolních lesích a obědem v Huntířově. Tentokrát však jedna připomínka. Dokud nebude vyřešen problém s komínem, NETOPTE ve velkých kamnech. Nehoří to, kouří to a místo tepla produkují dehet...druhá, menší kamna jsou naprosto v pohodě.
9.9 - 11.9.2022 Peter říká:
17.8 - 20.8.2022 Michal říká:
Odlehlá oáza klidu v dnešní neklidné době.
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